How Pet Urine Can Damage Carpets and Floors

If you have pets in your homes, then you may face the problem of urine stains on your carpets and floors. The problem may be stirring for days at a time without you even known, until the nasty odor starts wafting in the air.

Pet urine can severely damage carpets and floors if not addressed immediately after your family pet uses your floors for a restroom. Don’t hesitate to call your local carpet cleaners and schedule a professional cleaning to remove the pet stain and odor. If handled properly, you’re carpets and floors can be salvaged and the stains and odor won’t have a lasting effect on your floors.

Why Pets urine can be damaging for your carpets

Metabolic Waste Deposits

Pet urine is the combination of a number is metabolic wastes such as uric acid, urochrome, urea, cholesterol. Due to these metabolic wastes, it has a pH of 5 or 6 and when this acidic waste deposits on your carpet or floor surface its pH turns into 10 – 12. After passing time it can leave a permanent stain and will be impossible to remove. The urine deposits can ruin the dye of your carpet color due to oxidation and begins to flourish fungi, bacteria, allergens and several other contaminants in your carpets and rugs.

Odor of Pet Urine

The other effect of pet urine on your carpet can be a bad odor. When bacteria flourish in the urine in warm places. They release an awful odor by breaking down of urinary metabolic wastes into amino acid molecules. The organic molecules created after breakdown become dried and produce gasses and unpleasant odor.

When this dried urine again exposed to water, ammonia gas is released which is seldom forgotten. There is another odor of bacterial death, the place is prone to the relatively high humidity and whenever it is exposed to water, ammonia gas released which attracts moths and other termites. These contaminants can cause serious health issues for your kids and family.

To avoid the problem you should properly remove urine salts as early as possible. To achieve the goal you should call for the help of professional carpet cleaners, they have well-trained staff and high-tech instruments to solve the problem.

Ultimate solution to deal with pet stains

The time that how long urine has been on the carpet and flooring decides that your carpet can be saved or not. Professional carpet cleaners get to the depth of your carpets and provide a deep steam cleaning at the molecular level. With this process, your carpets will look like new and will be restored to its original condition. Not only will your carpets look like new, they will also stay clean longer. That’s right, you’ll have healthier, cleaner carpets that will last a long time!

Contact us to remove any type of pet stains and restore the quality of your carpets, rugs and upholstery. We have a team of professionals and certified staff for carpet cleaning in Eugene, Oregon to deal with these pet stains.

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