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Whether it's residential or commercial, the upholstery in your home or business gets used and abused throughout the years.  With all the use furniture gets from people sitting, eating, drinking, it's without question that upholstery cleaning Eugene will be needed.

Our furniture is constantly used by friends, family, pets, and children that are likely to stain and dirty your favorite couch or lazy boy.  The dirt and stains are clearly visible to the human eye no matter what color of furniture you have.  Unfortunately, there's no way of hiding the dirty spots other than using a blanket to cover the blemishes of your favorite couch or sofa.

When you call our cleaning technicians, you'll no longer have to use your blankets to hide dirty spots on your furniture.  Our upholstery cleaning services applies the same steam carpet cleaning process to the delicate fibers of your sofas and chairs.  We're tough on dirt and stains, but gentle on the fibers of your furniture!

Whether it's antique sofas, or custom made furniture, our professional cleaners have years of experience working with a variety of sofas, chairs, and lazy boy's.  We use our state-of-the-art equipment to handle your furniture with care and to remove dirt and stains that are embedded in the roots of your furniture's fibers.

We serve Eugene, Springfield and its surrounding areas with our upholstery cleaning services.  We help homeowners and business owners who want to restore the look of their furniture, and transform their old, worn out sofas and chairs to new.

Call us today at 541-626-0096 for a free estimate on your upholstery cleaning services and needs.  You can count on our professional team of cleaners to provide immediate service to beautify your furniture and remove the foul stains and dirt.

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Our residential upholstery cleaners can make your furniture look new again. We'll beautify your favorite sofas and chairs.


Maintaining the look of a business can be difficult.  Make it our responsibility by hiring our professional cleaners

Steam Cleaning

Our process for cleaning your upholstery will have them looking brand new in minutes. We strive for 100% satisfaction!

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Make a great impression with the help of our carpet cleaning services in Eugene. We'll have your floors, furniture and rugs looking like new in no time!

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What makes Us Different?
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The Steam Cleaning Process

We're special because we use state-of-the-art equipment in our steam cleaning process intended specifically for tile and grout. Our unique cleaning tools are tough on dirt, but soft on surfaces to avoid any damage.

Our process is simple and effective.  Our unique cleaning tools internally heats water at extreme temperatures, to moisturize the surface while vacuuming with eco-friendly soap.  This makes cleaning tile and grout much more effective because we're able to get to the dirt that is embedded in the grout and in those difficult to reach areas.

Other companies are just surface level in their cleaning—literally. Our unique equipment allows us to not just clean the surface area of the tile and grout, but we go deep and clean where other cleaning companies can't.

That's why most people choose us because we're different, and so are our results. Your tile and grout will look cleaner, smell fresher, and will last longer because we clean beneath the surface and get dirt and debris that aren't visible to the human eye.

Why Choose Us For Your Upholstery?

Our state-of-the-art equipment is what separates us from other competing carpet cleaning companies in Eugene & Springfield.

We treat your furniture as if it were own.  We give each piece of upholstery the necessary time and attention it takes to restore it to its original conditions.  Our steam cleaning will remove every spec of dirt and dust that is causing your favorite sofa or chair to look old and worn down.

We're a small business in Eugene that is able to grow and prosper by helping other residents right in our own backyard. We strive to become the #1 carpet cleaning company in Eugene that everyone talks about.  We aim to do that through quality services, affordable rates, and friendly, professional staff.

Call us today if you wish to renew your tile and grout to new conditions!

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Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning the furniture of your home can be difficult because you may feel like you've gone through every cleaning solution and nothing is doing the trick.  All that elbow grease and your couch looks even worse than it did before you started cleaning.

If you'd like to remove the stains and dirt from your favorite couches without the scrubbing, then call our professional cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Eugene OR! You'll receive quality services and affordable when you speak with one of our cleaning technicians.

Call us today for a free estimate on your residential upholstery cleaning!

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is important in operating a successful business.  No one wants to work in a dirty work environment, and customers certainly don't want to be given the impression that a business doesn't keep up with their cleaning.

Given the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy work space, it's equally important to have a professional carpet cleaning company apply regular cleaning services to your carpets, tile and grout, area rugs and upholstery.

That's where we come in! Carpet Cleaning Eugene OR is your solution to commercial upholstery cleaning! With our cleaners, you get the utmost care and attention when we show up to your business to restore your furniture and maintain a healthy working environment.

Call us today if you wish to renew your tile and grout to new conditions!

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    Virginia Snyder

    "They did a great job with our carpets! We called Carpet Cleaning Eugene OR and they were able to come out the next day and clean 4 bedrooms for us.  Thank you for such awesome customer service!"

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    Debra Reyes

    "Thank you for the great service! I needed a few bedrooms and 2 hallways cleaned to get my place ready to rent out again, and you guys made it look like new!"

  • client
    Harold Harrison

    "Our kitchen floors look amazing thanks to these guys!  We just hosted a big event and we realized it was time for some professional cleaning once it was over.  We called them and they were able to accommodate us on a date/time to schedule the cleaning"

  • client
    Jean Romero

    "Highly recommended! I recently bought a house and the previous owner's pet had peed everywhere on the carpets.  The smell was absolutely the worst thing I've ever smelled, and the stains were just as bad.  Carpet Cleaning Eugene OR was able to remove both! Thank you!"

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